Traffic Calming

Since its inception, CAAG has been actively calming traffic.

 In 2003, our lobbying resulted in the zebra crossing in Cazenove between Fountayne/Chardmore and Osbaldeston. The 20 MPH Zone was established in 2004/5 in connection with the Windus Streets for People scheme.

Windus Streets For People

In the first decade of the 21st century Transport for London (TfL) ran a Streets for People competition which aimed to change an area from one in which motorised vehicles dominate, into one where pedestrians have the highest priority and where socialing and playing became both feasible and appealing.

The Windus Streets for People scheme was a redesign of seven streets in Cazenove Ward funded by TfL over three years (2003-2006). The project was conceived and the proposal to TfL written entirely by members of CAAG.  The aims were to

  • Increase community integration and inclusion
  • Improve pedestrian priority and walking ambience
  • Improve cycling ambience
  • Improve safety and security for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Reduce the incidence and severity of traffic accidents
  • Reduce the incidence of rat-running
  • Reduce the incidence of road rage
  • Reduce fear of street crime

You can read the original application and original consultation document, and a summer 2005 update. The scheme was similar to other Home Zones such as Northmoor, and Leeds,

The council officers charged with implementing the project never grasped the intended prioritisation of pedestrians and cyclists, so the engineering is insufficient to reduce motor vehicle speeds to the target of 10 mph. The council has never tested the scheme to see how it met the aims. The most successful aspect of the scheme has been the artwork, organised around neighbourhood sociability and play, by local studio Campbell Works. The Windus area has been singled out by Play England as an example of best play practice. The Play Shaper project has a video about it.

To mark the progress of the plan, we held a Street Games Day in 2004 and a Street Party in 2007.