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Trees are protected if they are within the Northwold and Cazenove conservation area, or if they are the subject of a tree preservation order (TPO). This prevents cutting down, uprooting, topping, lopping, willful damage or destruction of trees and roots without Council permission.

It is an offence to do work to a protected tree without Hackney’s consent. If a protected tree is damaged and/or destroyed without permission, the owner or person doing the work may be prosecuted, fined up to £20,000 and made to pay for a replacement tree.

Gareth Burnwell   0207 275 9930
  • Recommended (Hetty Einzig, Aug 2016)
  • He is local and a good man. (DC, Jul 2019)

Stuart Roweth  07768 335968;
  • Works with Mark Young 07811 217 668.   Really excellent- he’s taken out a dangerous and enormous eucalyptus for us, trimmed various large trees in our garden and taken out a huge and – alas – beautiful eucalyptus that was growing monstrous and heading for 150 feet, and pruned our other trees very sensitively.  (JF, Apr 2011)
  • I used Stuart Roweth – 07768 335968 – who seemed pretty good. He took out an old tree and is coming back to plant a new one. (C, Aug 2013)

Steve Hooper  020 8340 6041;;
  • We were impressed, when, coming for an estimate, he point blank refused to do what we had planned, because it would ruin the shape of the tree and suggested alternative, more aesthetic strategies which worked well. The men who did the work were pleasant and competent, and, before taking the shreddings to the Council compost depot checked that we didn’t want them for our own composting. Payment by cheque with VAT, of course, but very reliable and professional. (PV, Sep 2007)
  • Pruned our Oak and a couple of smaller trees while they were at it.  Gave good advise and seemed to be environmentally aware. (TA 2021)

Gareth Wellbeck  07808 728094
  •  Reliable and skilled. (AS, Apr 2021)

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2 thoughts on “Tree Surgeons

  1. Please can I add Will Pearce to the Tree Surgeon part of the trades and services list? He is fully qualified and insured and has numerous recommendations from people he’s worked for in the area. His phone number is 07950402554. Disclosure – he is my and Joan Pearce’s son.
    Thanks very much,
    Andrew Wilkes

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