Pest Control

James  07984 088100
  • A neighbour recommended James to deal with our serious mouse problem just over a year ago. He came twice and sorted it with traps and advice on blocking movement.  (GD, Mar 2021)
  • James was very good, unlimited visits for a fixed price which I think was £150 but it was a little while ago. (VM, sorry, not date)

Hackney Council
  • We had mice in our Flat and I duly paid the £140 for the Council to come out and Kill-O-Tox. (RW, Mar 2021)

  • My best results have been from a policy of scorch and burn. If mice can find literally nothing to eat they have no choice but to migrate. It means not just putting all food in unchewable containers, but restaurant-level hygiene.  I recently had a lone survivalist leaving evidence of nightly prowls round the stovetop. He’d evidently found nourishing splashes of cooking oil there in the past.  I couldn’t understand why he persisted, because I washed the surface every day.  Then I took to removing the panrests and giving them a scrub too.  He lasted two days, then left in disgust.  He must have written a stinking review. (JH, Feb 2021)

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