House Cleaners

Suzanna – 07940 930867
  • Suzanna’s absolutely brilliant. (A, 2013)
  • Suzanna is a very good and quick cleaner. (RW, Aug 2016)
  • She does a great job and has a lovely friendly personality. (AD, Aug 2019)
  • I highly recommend Suzanna as a cleaner. She was lovely and warm, got everything I wanted without my explaining, and suggested ideas for things she could do. I came back home from holiday to the cleanest flat I’ve ever had! (LS, Dec 2017)
  • I’ve used her for the last 2 years and would recommend her.  She’s just done a complete top to bottom post-lockdown clean on our place over the weekend. Also she’s doing all our ironing now too (During the last few weeks – taking it away/doing it at her home / bringing it back). (AP, Aug 2020)

Irena 0771 3512 501
  • good and hard working, (RJ, May 2013)

Jeannie Flanagan  0759 543 5613
  • After almost 25 years, I am shortly moving out of Clapton to Shoreditch. This means my cleaner, who has been cleaning my house for even longer, has some spare time. Jeannie Flanagan is very reliable and something of an Evering Road institution. – (RF, Nov 2011)

Raimonda  07944 599804
  • Very good very flexible. Tell her Vishal (with the cats) recommended her (VV, May 2007)
  • Raimonda Lungiene from Lithuania, is looking for a few extra hours of work each week in this area.  I can recommend her work and character. (MB, Sep 2008)
  • Highly recommended. She works hard, never misses her day and shows initiative. She is engaging, friendly and shares recipes. (IB, Oct 2016)

Maria  07799401 631

  • I would like to recommend our cleaner, Maria, who has been working for us for the past year – she has been very reliable and flexible and does a great job!! She is based in Haringey, but happy to travel in North London generally (KM, Apr 2008)

Adriana  07985 559 583

  • Adriana is excellent. She’s been coming to our house since 6 months and we are very happy with her. She’s a Mexican lady very friendly. (CM, Jan 2009)

Emila 07756 305 320
  • I would like to recommend Emila.  She is very good. We have used her for around 3 years now and she is always reliable, friendly and is great at cleaning. Her ironing is especially good and I also find her 100% trustworthy.  Please say that Alex recommended her.  (AB, May 2010)

Danuta  07938 981 115
  • I would like to recommend Danuta our cleaner (and the cleaner of all our friends!). We have used her for the last 4 years and she is an utter joy to have around, her work is fantastic and she is completely trustworthy. We can’t speak highly enough of her, she lives in Clapton and does a number of homes in N16. (DC, Nov 2010)

Irina  07814 746 097

  • We have recently hired a lovely and very efficient cleaner. She is looking for more work and has two afternoons available at the moment – Monday and Thursday.  (LH, Mar 2011)

Anthony  07944 355964
  • I’d highly recommend Anthony. An absolute pleasure to have around and leaves our house spotless! (GP, Aug 2016)

Ines  07784 139445
  • She has been working for me for at least 5-6 years. She is thorough, reliable and a very kind soul. (KM, Jun 2016)

My Home 
  • My Home are good: I’ve used them several times over the years. (EO, Feb 2021)

Yulia  07775 457 882
  • I would like to recommend Yulia, our cleaner for the past 10 years. She is  a fantastic cleaner. She is extremely efficient, hard working, reliable and trustworthy. I cannot recommend her enough. (OK, Sep 2020)
Denisa  07550 197 445 
  • Recommended. (CM, Oct 2020)

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