Ruaidhri Mac Arthur
  • For those who use the playground on Stoke Newington Common or who have ever sat on the beautiful tree seat or the benches around the fountain will know the work work of Ruaidhri Mac Arthur, as he designed and built all of them.. So outdoor play equipment and landscaping is his main thing,  but I think he can put his hand to anything. He uses reclaimed wood as much as possible, is extremely ethical, very good at understanding what you need and is VERY reasonably priced. (BG, Nov 2016)

Nicholas Borzello, 07985 947 556;
  • Nicholas is a gardener who lives nearby.  (Belle Benson, Apr 2009)
  • I can recommend Nicholas Borzello. He often does spring “shape ups”, and can discuss what to pull out/put in etc. (IP, Feb 2017)

David Male  07791 557 791 or 020 7249 4839
  • I can recommend David Male. He’s a gardener based in Stoke Newington. (RP, Apr 2009)

Brendan Woods  07866 362 762
  • Brendan Woods lives near the Brook Road/Benthal Road junction. I recommend him as he charges reasonable fees, gets the job done in the time he quotes, and keeps you updated about what is being spent and unforeseen extras that arise as the job progresses.  He helped me fox proof the garden when they tried to dig up all the new turf.  (SH – Oct-11)

Jon Vogel   07775 522550;
  • I used this very nice, friendly guy, reasonably priced, who came with his pressure hose to clean up the terrace and pot plants. He likes tidying up and likes to bring some bedding plants too. Charges by the hour. (CP, Jun 2016)

Ezra Heavenstone   07957 979 798
  • I highly recommend Ezra Heavenstone who has worked wonders in my garden (and the gardens of friends). He’s very laid back, and happy to help and advise and to do regular clearing, watering and maintenance. He’s a gardener, not a garden designer. (AW, Jul 2015; Jun 2016)
  • He helped me to transform my garden. (Feb 2017)
  • We’ve used Ezra and he tidied up our garden (lots of cutting down etc). However, he doesn’t own his own van/car…it worked out okay for us as we took everything to the dump ourselves (7 car loads). (Feb 2017)
  • I can recommend Ezra Heavenstone, who helped me transform my garden which is now beautiful.  He isn’t a trained gardener or garden designer, he just loves gardening and is happy to do all the basic work and then help us create the kind of gardens we want. He knows a lot about plants. (AW, Jun 2017)

Rafael Duran  07788 962 735 

  • I’ve got a lovely gardener who maintains my patch beautifully.  Helpful, nice bloke, will do anything, has lived locally for ages and has young family here. (2017)
  • He’s worked with us for maybe 15 years now, lives in Stokey and is a genuinely lovely man. He’s happy to do maintenance and will follow instructions. They don’t all do that. Plus he has a lovely ethos, he can’t bear to throw perfectly good plants away – as he is increasingly asked to do – and will find often homes for them. We have a wonderful selection of plants that others have discarded. (LB, Jun 2017)

Geoff Mowlam  07930 169 745 
  • I can recommend my friend Geoff. He can do  structural as well planting and he’s good with design as well as reasonably priced and local.He’s also a really experienced decorator but loves gardening most! (Feb 2017)
  • I can recommend Geoff. He’s done my garden for ages and is reliable and friendly. (VD, Apr 2018)

Lucy Conochie
  • I strongly recommend Lucy Conochie. She designed and landscaped and planted our current garden, but at our previous property she did maintenance and advice. (WS, Feb 2017)
  • Lucy Conochie is brilliant, very nice, eco friendly and taking into account our preferences, designed and implemented a stunning overhaul of our garden with lovely things that bloom through the year. (AS, Feb 2021)

Suzy McCabe
  • Suzy is a hard working and sensitive gardener.  She works well independently, bringing ideas, suggestions and experience and also listens and responds to the vision and thoughts of others.  I recommend her very highly and have really enjoyed working alongside her in my garden over the last few years. (Jun 2019)

Robyn Stone 
  • She’s based in Newington Green and is very good. (SC, May 2018)

Tamsin Kelly  07876 072328
  • Tamsin Kelly came to do some garden maintenance for me – hard-working and enthusiastic. She did a great job pruning and tidying up. (CP, Jul 2019)
  • Local, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and experienced. (CP, Sep 2019)
  • I can thoroughly recommend Tamsin. Her holistic approach, with emphasis on propagation and sustainability, would make her a good fit. She’s done a super job for us. (CJ, Feb 2021)

Rafal  07835 074 205
  • I have used Rafal for gardening work and neighbour for new fencing. Good worker, no problems. (MG, May 2016)

Stephen Grover
  • Stephen Grover did our neighbour’s garden and they were very happy with his work. He’s local and has a good website.  (MM, Feb 2021)

See also Steve Hooper under Tree Surgeons.

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  1. David Male now lives in Blackheath and is not available for maintenance work on gardens he hasn’t designed. But he’s a fantastic designer, and a lovely person.

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