Alan Godfrey  07960 186 394;
  • Recommended (AE, Dec 2009)

Horncastle and Son 020 8809 3029
  • We recently used a local company called . They are reliable but bit expensive. Email is Tel: 020 8809 3029 – (AB, Feb-06)

Lee Jeffery  07981 403 026; 07930 692 845; 
  • I would like to recommend Lee. He was friendly, competent and reliable and did the re- felting job on my flat roof very well. (CH, May 08)

Andy  07904 384 188 or 01707 661 225
  • Andy retiled our entire roof last year. He takes satisfaction in doing a good job and sometimes works with a loft conversions company. (E F, Feb 09)
  • Andy is excellent (SC, Jun 10).
  • I can highly recommend Andy.   He was reliable and charged a reasonable price to fix a broken gutter. (CP, Oct 2010 and Sep 2016)
  • I would like to recommend Andy as a roofer and loft window installer. He is very good and has done a lot of work around here. (IB, Nov 2016)

Mick Phillips (Phillips Roofing)  07973 608 888.
  • We are currently having some work done by  – repairs to cracked tiles, replacement of concrete fillets with proper flashing, replacement of guttering and comprehensive repairs to chimneystacks. It’s a 3-storey house, so the work of course involves scaffolding.  All very smooth so far, and we also know his work over a long period, having had him completely replace our back addition roof 10 years ago.  He is warmly recommended as a good and competent roofer, and very dependable guy. He’s also very busy, but it could be worth trying him. (PT, Apr-09)
  • I can recommend Mick Phillips who installed a roof velux and diagnosed and fixed a damp problem in the roof. He assessed the job and completed it skilfully. (IB, Sept 2014)
  • We’ve had Mick back to sort out some lead flashing and to deal with guttering. He diagnosed the source of leaks. There has been no further water ingress since. (IB, Mar 2021)

Sky Roofing  01992 300 997  
  • I’ve used Sky Roofing based in Hertford twice, once for a patch up and once for a complete new roof (in two different properties). They are brilliant. Completely reliable and professional. (MM, Sep 2016)

Carswell Builders  07415 640 490
  • I and several  others in Geldeston use Ricky of Carswell Builders, and can recommend his work. (TK, Jun 2016)
  • Ricky and Terry from Carsdale Builders have done a sterling refurb job at my house and done roof repairs for myself, and I believe my neighbours, and importantly in a considerate manner and at a reasonable price. (Mar 2017)

Canonbury Roofing  020 7226 6819;   07958 451 621; 
  • We have had very good experiences with Canonbury Roofing both at our former address (Newick Road) and in Geldeston Road. (SG, May 2018)
  • I have used Canonbury Roofing and they were fine. They capped and mended the brickwork on my chimneys as well as general leaky roof repair. (AL, May 2019)
  • We have used Joe Bainborough from Canonbury Roofing more than once. We think he’s very good. (SA, Oct 2020)

M C Heasman  01708 687 411
  • We used M C Heasman based in Romford and were v pleased with their work and the way they went about it – pitched roof, flat roof and dormer all put in successfully; and very easy to deal with compared to roofers we have used in the past. (May 2018)
  • We used Heasmans based in Romford to put on a new roof on our current house and on the last one and on some smaller jobs in between. We were very happy with the work done. (DC, Oct 2020)

  • He is redoing a flat roof for me currently … really nice & professional person. A bit of a one man band so it may take a while to schedule in. (F, Oct 2020)


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  1. Mick Phillips is a roofer who has helped me out a few times – his mobile number is 07973 608888.
    Joyce Huggins from email group.

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