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James; 07951 698 039 or 0208 880 0885
  • I would like to recommend an amazing plumber we have been using for the last 4 years who has done great jobs for us including fully refitting our downstairs toilet, both bathrooms, including the tiling and also installing new radiators throughout our house. James is focusing on boiler installation, heating and plumbing. We have found him to be very reliable, efficient and friendly plus he quotes at a great price. He also lives in Stoke Newington, which is a massive bonus! We couldn’t recommend him enough. (MB, Oct 2014)
  • This guy is nearby and did a small job – a leaky tap – for me a year or so ago, and was nice and seemed capable. (AD, Nov 2016)

Nigel Londt, NPJ plumbing  0208 806 9483; 07710 912 119.
  • He has done various plumbing and heating jobs for us over a number of years and his work is always to a really high standard. Last week he managed to do a very tricky repair to our boiler which the manufacturer in effect said couldn’t be done.  He lives very locally, is very friendly and his rates are very reasonable.  (JF, Nov-17)
  • He’s Corgi registered and Institute of Plumbing accredited. Lives in Geldeston Road – (DD, Dec 2013)
  • Nigel has just replaced our boiler and other bits. We have been delighted with what he has done and would recommend him wholeheartedly – also local and puts himself out to help his neighbours! – (DB, Feb-12)
  • Nigel has just replaced our boiler and done a great job. – (MM, Feb 2012)
  • Recommmended (Dec 2018)

John Sleeman  07946 161 737
  • John fitted our new boiler and removed our old one. (KF, Feb 2012)

Yusef  07973 639 240
  • Yusef is great – very reasonable, based in E8. He installed a new boiler and several radiators for us, and has done all sorts of other plumbing jobs for us over the past few years. (LF, Mar 2006),
  • He came and serviced my old, trusty but obsolete Worcester boiler (which Worcester will no longer do) for £65 (cheaper than Worcester), and was honest enough to tell me that it wouldn’t lengthen its life, which was fine as I just wanted to make sure it was safe. He is funny and nice as well. (AS, Jan 2008).
  • I can’t recommend highly enough.  Nice, reasonable rates, very good job done. 07976 275239 – (AW, Feb 2012)
  • We contacted Yusuf who was highly recommended on the invaluable Casenove list. And rightly so. He came on Boxing Day within two hours of my call, and did the most thorough check for carbon monoxide throughout our flat and on the gas cooker and boiler, which took him and his assistant more than two hours and for which he charged an incredibly reasonable sum. (MI, Dec 2013)
  • Recommended. (Nov 2016)

Krystal May from Amphibious Plumbing & Electrics 07984 745 645
  • Recommended (RP, Dec 2011)

Mark, Advance Heating and Plumbing 07976 278 454.
  • He is very good and reasonable – (M, Feb 2012)

Richard Metcalfe  07956 290 586
  • We can highly recommend Richard Metcalfe – he lives locally and is very reliable – he did ours last Oct and did a great job. (FF, Mar 2008)
  • He’s very friendly and really efficient. (SV, Jan 2018) 
  • Lovely man. Replaced our taps a couple of years ago. (Jan 2019) 
  • Thoroughly recommend Richard – very helpful and reasonably priced (AM, Dec 2020)
  • I’ve used Richard Metcalf for many years. He’s excellent – highly experienced, very friendly and very reasonable too. Highly recommended. (TC, Feb 2021)

Steve  07973 703795
  • I would recommend Steve  (DV, Mar 2008)

Phil  07885 820 896  best to contact him on email –
  • I’ve always found him reliable and good and have recommended him to a few friends who found him fine – (BG, Apr 2006)

M&M Plumbing and Heating (020 7249 8228)
  • I have used M&M in the past. They are based on Stoke Newington High Street. They repaired my gas boiler when it needed a major part replacing. They are friendly and helpful, though perhaps not the cheapest (Emma Robinson, Aug 2010)
  • I’ve also found M & M very good and also quite cheap (AW, Aug 2010)
  • we always use M&M (their shop is on the High Street near the Jolly Butchers).  they have a whole team of plumbers, all of whom we’ve found to be excellent. (SS, Feb, 2021)

Elite Plumbing,  Ring Joseph on 07956 309 910
  • I can recommend Elite Plumbing, as I have been using them for several years now. Joseph’s independent, a local and really decent guy who does good work for a really fair price. If you call, tell him it’s a referral. (TK, Feb 2014 and Nov 2016)
  • I can happily recommend Joseph at Elite Plumbing. He lives locally and is very reasonably priced and my friends and I have been using him for 12+ years, for both the annual gas checks and installing a new heating system. (TK, Jan 2020)

David Collie, Smart Heating  07976 835 714
  • He’s on the Gas Safe Register and lives on Belfast Road. (MB, Dec 2015)

Dennis Bridges (‘Gas Man Den’) on 07866 558 356.
  • Very experienced and competent. (JH, Dec 2015)

Steve Williams  07973 416 985 
  • Recommmended. (HJ, Apr 2015)
  • Steve Williams is an excellent plumber and lovely chap who lives in Stamford Grove East and although I suspect he might be trying to retire he may pop out and see you if you are near. (Nov 2016)

Annie Kemp  07813 963 965
  • Recommended. (SG, Nov 2018)
  • Annie is brilliant, local and lovely to boot. (KC, May 2019)
  • Annie Kemp is great. (Jun 2019)
  • Annie Kemp  is wonderful.  Does Central Heating and general plumbing but not drains. (SG, Jul 2019)
  • Recommended. (KC, Sep 2019)
  • We have used a brilliant woman called Annie for years. She’s reliable efficient and reasonable. (CBM, Feb 2021)

Emilio  07969 206 449
  • Recommended (SD, Jul 2019)
  • We would recommend Emilio. (SA, Oct 2020)

Gary  07767 667 710 
  • He has done all our plumbing for some years now and he is a gem. (MN, Jul 2019)

Jamie  07961 527 138

Really lovely guy and knows his stuff. (MK, May 2019)

John Bisset  07833 905 152
  • Recommended  (Oct 2016)

Hackney Heating Services   0203 000 7557;  07508 651 431  – [24/7] 
  • Hackney Heating Services gave me a great quote and were very professional. (SL, Nov 2018)

Nicola Hughes Ponty Plumbing  0771 403 900
  • Recommended. (DC, Sep 2019)

Joanna  07817 322 923 
  • Joanna is very good. We’ve used her a few times. (IW, Dec 2019)

James Watts  07984 078 588 
  • I can heartily recommend James Watts. He’s just fitted a new boiler for us. I’ve used him many times. He does electrics and plumbing. (NS, Sep 2020)
  • We use James Watts. For many years.Highly recommended. Based in Walthamstow. (AB, Feb 2021)

James Cruikshank  07793 215 896
  • He has just been very highly recommended on so I took down his details. Sounded like a genuine recommendation. (CU, Oct 2020)

Ivan  07578 004 237
  • A pretty good handyman who can do basic bathroom stuff at a very decent price. He fixed my loo a couple of months back. (CD, May 2020)

Fred Field  07768 512 145 

Known him for over 20 years. Great expertise. Probably one of the best.  (AS, Oct 2020)

Bez  07747 535 202
  • Bez the plumber is very good. (CD, Dec 2019)

Charles Bel 07341 449 948 
  • Charles Bell did a good job on my bathroom. Quick and efficient, good at problem solving my wonky bathroom. You can find him and see his reviews on MyBuilder. (AW, Feb 2021)

Jamie   07512 331 904 
  • Very good. (RW, Feb 2021)

Mapara Property Maintenance (Nasir)  07970 407 202
  • He is local, very efficient and reliable. (RS, Feb 2021)

Wojchek  07737 664 118 
  • We have used Wojchek for a number of jobs and he is always professional and reliable. He came next day and was thorough and helpful. Answered my queries about a couple of issues and was proactive is helping resolve a gas pressure issue.  (MS, Feb 2021)


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  1. The Joanna on the list is Joanna Norman. I can also recommend her. She helped me with a small radiator issue after a bit of a botched job by someone else. And installed a heated towel rail. V kind and helpful

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