Cabinetmakers / Carpenters

John Higgins  07530 461 929

  • He has just finished an amazing cupboard in my kitchen. Floor to ceiling, perfectly fitted. I highly recommend his work, he’s fast, tidy and worked with my really rough ideas.   (Polly Strettell, Oct 2012)

Mick.  07883 306 613.

  • Very highly recommended is  If you call him, please say that I gave you his number. (Garry Bettle, June 2011)

Dave Chamberlain on 07831188295 /

  • His family has been in business locally since the 30s. Tell him Vishal recommended him (Vishal Vora, Apr 2007)
  • I can heartily recommend Dave Chamberlain from DWC Carpentry. He had many excellent and practical ideas so I got a better result than I expected for my fitted double wardrobes and neat CD storage. It was all installed in 1 day with minimal dust and extra protection for my wooden floors. Great guy to work with. If anyone wants to visit and discuss his work, I’m very happy for that. (Steve Dunk, Apr 2018)

David Starkey  07789 495820

  • If anyone needs any cabinet making type skills then I can highly recommend , I have known him for over 10 years and his work is of an extremely high quality and he is a delight to work with.   (Martha Silcott, Jan 2009) Now lives in Devon but comes back to London for big projects.

Brunel Bannister  07900 694477

  • Recommended (Belle Benson, 2/15)
  • I can recommend the very lovely Brunel Bannister, he tends to be quite busy, but you can give a go! (IW, Mar 2021)
    Matt  07847 679636
  • Matt is a really good carpenter.  (RW, Mar 2021)

Gareth  07952 916 486

  • I  would recommend my friend Gareth, who is excellent. (JW, Apr 2021)

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One thought on “Cabinetmakers / Carpenters

  1. Additional review for Brunel Bannister

    Brunel did a good job refurbishing, installing new glass and draft proofing our front door, while also opening up the old fan light for more ventilation (Craig Nov 2022)

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