More on the Parking Petition

cpz-map-n16-and-e5-v0-3Keeping up with the CPZ (controlled parking zone) consultations – past and present, stage 1 and stage 2 is confusing/frustrating and very costly to the public purse!  See

Residents of Osbaldeston Road (lower) – between Northwold Rd and Cazenove Rd – are preparing a petition asking LBH to review plans for this section of the road, following the recommendations of LBH’s Cabinet at the end of October, which concluded that there was little support for any form of parking restrictions in Osbaldeston Road.

Confirmed car ownership (from DVLA data) is low in Osbaldeston Road but residents observe car dumping/parking for extended periods, commercial vehicles parked up overnight and weekends, high levels of parking in road by people walking to their place of work or to public transport etc. This has contributed to concerns about road safety, general traffic congestion, pollution and outbursts of frustration/hooting because of double parking for loading and unloading of people or delivery of household items etc.

A map to demonstrate the potential impact of the introduction of parking restrictions south of the Common/Northwold Rd and Alkham Rd etc. in 2017 is available.   LBH advise that they will not be reviewing parking arrangements again in this area for at least five years.

Residents living in the lower end of Osbaldeston Road, who are over 18 years of age, have been invited to add their names to the petition. There has been significant interest and support to the petition which will be submitted to Mayor Philip Glanville in the week beginning Monday 5th December 2016.