Osbaldeston Garden

Although the Ward is bounded by two Commons, Stoke Newington and Clapton, it has no open public space of its own – except, that is, for the small garden at the bottom end of Osbaldeston Rd’. This had been carefully planted at one time, but stood abandoned for many years. Local people got agreement from the housing association to look after and use it. It already had several fruit trees, but since taking it on local people, coordinated by SNUG, have carefully planted and tended it, and regularly prune the trees. Funding secured from the housing association was used to commission a local carpenter to build two benches. A neighbour built a book case, which facilitates a lively book-exchange. The garden is extremely popular and represents common effort to improve our environment. But it nonetheless needs everyone to look after it, take their litter home and help with gardening and watering. If you are interested in helping contact SNUG