Dark Arts Circus

The Dark Arts Circus

Promenade storytelling

Roll up, roll up, step this way! The Dark Arts Circus is pitching its tent in Abney Park. presenting its wandering collection of curios, oddities and freaks for your inquisitive perusal.

The modern circus has modulated and this particular brand of big top is more book smart than Billy Smart, boasting scribes, poets, storytellers set to a magical, musical soundtrack.

Take up a candle-lit lantern and tip-toe through the tombstones on this pied-piper promenade, stumbling through the surreal like Alice in Wonderland.

Peter Kennedy reads from his forthcoming novel Fishermen’s Tales. A Brothers Grimm-style collection of jet-black fables set in an 18th century fishing village.

Ms Roberts – the madwoman has finally escaped from the attic and is forcing her unsettling confessionals onto unsuspecting bypassers.

Alex Graves flips narrative upside down in Head and Tails, a stream of consciousness internal multilogue exploring the schizophrenic kaleidoscope that spins inside the psyche. Pianist Marc Bellemare follows him into the labyrinth.

Jason Pilley is a manically energetic performance poet, Oktawia Petronella is a classically trained violinist, together they yin and yang a wildly ambitious project – The Invention of Opera, a magnum opus akin to Mick Jagger conducting Niccolò Paganini.

Come stroll through this garden of unearthly delights and enjoy the ramblings of this literary quartet.

The Dark Arts Circus
17 September 2014
£7 on the door

No disturbing images or sounds but parental guidance might be necessary for small children.

0207 275 7557

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