77 Obaldeston Road

77 Osbaldeston Road

£124,000 Confiscation Order: 77 Osbaldeston Road   At Snaresbrook Crown Court on Thursday 15th February, 2018, Bellview Estates and its sole Director, Jacob Friedman, found themselves £124,000 the poorer. The owners of 77 Osbaldeston Road had rented out four flats for a period of nearly four years in an illegally-converted house. They had pleaded guilty…


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Tree Saved

  The owners applied to fell the sycamore tree in the back garden of 77 Osbaldeston Road. Prompt action and persistent emailing by CAAG resulted in its being given a Tree Protection Order. It is now illegal to ‘cut down, uproot, prune, lop or damage’ the tree. We’ve saved a valuable piece of greenery –…