Professional Services


Does anyone know a nice friendly architect who doesn’t charge the earth? I’m thinking about a loft conversion.

I can recommend a local architect. roger_crimlis@hotmail . com / tel. 07515 514723 – (Fergus Grew, Jenner Rd, Jan-11)

I would definitely recommend Carolyn Squire – lives locally, professional, dedicated and she did a great job designing my loft conversion and house renovations. tel. 07976 374 221 / Penn – Jan-11)

I can recommend this small, new company of architects.  Although they’re based in Hampshire, they do work in London. (Alison Whyte, Jan-14)


Abney dentist – corner Cazenove Rd and High st/ Stamford Hill. Very pleasant, NHS, efficient, what more could you want…. (Berni Graham, Jul-09)

Pickering Upper St also NHS, very busy but efficient – except for your first check up, for which you have to queue. they have a highish turnover or young dentists. (Berni Graham, Jul-09) Went to Pickerings for a while but had to wait too long and it felt a bit of a conveyer belt. (Anne Williams, Jul-09) I can really recommend Pickerings. I’ve been going to them for about 20 years and have had about 6 crowns (not their fault!) which have all stayed in. They are busy but v. kind. (Jill Brooke, Jul-09)

I can thoroughly recommend the practice in Stoke Newington Church Street, opposite the library.  They are excellent dentists and they do NHS work.  They’re very efficient, I’ve never had to wait more than five minutes. (Alison Whyte, Jan-14)

Try Kind’n’Dental – we’ve been with them for years – off Newington Green Road. (Anne Williams, Jul-09)


Can anyone recommend a good local GP, preferably a female doctor?

We use Dr Kiernan at the Elm Practice in the Fountayne Road Health Centre (020 7683 4839) and would recommend her very highly – (Richard Collings, Sep-06)  My family and I are at Elm Practice at the Fountayne Road Health centre and I have been very impressed with them since we joined a few years ago. I would definitely recommend them – there are two principal doctors: Dr. Kiernan and Dr. Hussein (Belle Benson, Feb-09)

Somerford Grove practice. I haven’t been in over 2 years, but I used to see Dr Mark Hindley and found him friendly and he seemed to take an interest. They open at 8:30 and getting an appointment was usually quick in my time – generally the next day. The front desk staff were often curt and unfriendly – but that seems to be par for the course at any medical centre! When I’ve moved 0.7 miles further north, to a street off Cazenove Road, Somerford Grove practice would no longer see me and I had to change GP! (Nick Perry, Feb-09)

Stamford Hill Group Practice (on Egerton Rd) is by far the best practice in the area – if you can get on their books. (Claire Gorman, Apr-09)


Driving Instructor

I used Greg Price ( He was very calm and reassuring. If you’re after someone to reassure you with a bit of practice I think he’s great. (Kirsten Foster, Aug 2016)

A local driving instructor called Tony on 07980 451349 got two members of this family through their driving test and stayed calm throughout. (Marjorie Brown, Mar-08)

The woman who runs Lady Drive 020 7362 9007 (sorry forgotten her name) was brilliant with my daughter who had already had two bad experiences with instructors from a ‘well known driving school’ who were awful and almost put her off driving completely. I would never ever recommend the ‘well known driving school’. (Anne Williams, Mar-08)

Music Tuition

Steve Anthony is an experienced local guitar teacher – email: – (Peter Daniels, Benthall Road, Dec-08)

Piano teacher: Kate Smith — 8806 6514 (Caroline Penn, Oct-10)


David Green does events, family and personal portraits and special occasions. 07814 823 780.  His photos from the Stoke Newington Common Picnic 2009 are online here.


Software Assistance

Liam Pelgram ( did a very good job at reasonable cost sorting out a long list of problems with my Mac Air. He got me connected to the iCloud again, resolved software problems, setting irritations, removed programmes I didn’t use and loaded some office programmes I badly wanted. It took him 90 minutes to do all that and saved me what I’m sure would have been a number of painfully long and stressful visits to the Apple store that I kept putting off. I would definitely recommend him! (Peter Cummings, Jan 2018)   I agree, Liam helped me with my old desktop Mac that had slowed down to being practically unusable. (Sophie Verghagen, Jan 2018)  I cannot recommend Liam Pegram highly enough. He methodically and effectively sorted software problems on our Macs and tidied up all those annoying quirks that creep in. He works both on Macs and PCs. As a bonus, he fixed my printer as well as clearing redundant and memory-eating material from the phone. His charges are very reasonable. (Iain Bruce, Apr 2018)

John Campbell is a Windows based programmer of many years experience.  Expert knowledge includes installations, MS-Office,  Excel spreadsheets and Access database programming, websites and website programming, and programming in a number of languages and environments.  He’ll be happy to offer free advice or take on a project.  tel. 0782 844 2719 (John Campbell, May-09)


Wills: I enthusiastically recommend Tim Mutti at Traymans 189 Stoke Newington High Street. He impressed me with the breadth of his knowledge, with his genial manner and with his unstuffy view of the law. Tel 020 7249 9980; (Iain Bruce, Sept-2014)


I would recommend Jampel Davison and Bell in Islington. Paul Bell has advised me on subsidence issues. He is very experienced and could advise on internal wall issues. He is also very nice and easy to talk to. (CAAG member, Oct 2016)

We are currently using Cardoe Martin in Islington for a party wall agreement. This is the 3rd time we have used them and have found them to be concise and thorough. Speak to Graham Cardoe or Sean Curry and by all means mention my name. They may have changed their name recently but are still on this no: 020 7874 1066. (Clive Bremner, Mar-06)

A local company called DMC at end of Church St just past Rose and Crown, are ok as surveyors go (Martha Silcott, Mar-06)

Paul Ravenscroft MRICS (Tel:  020 7061 6302  Mob:07802 291235
Jonathan Shattock  (Tel: +447715488468
They were both very good – transparent about fees and services provided. (Pearline Grant, Apr 2018)


I would like to recommend Caroline Ficker, home visit Vet. She will visit if your pet is too ill to go to the surgery or if the owner,because of their own health reasons, cannot get the pet there. She is in contact with all the local vets. 07786 838 838 (Margaret Roe, Feb 2014)

Website Designers / Internet Consultants has years of experience, and can easily tailor to your budget and requirements :-) highly recommended! – (Nadia Akram – Feb-11) (roger heathcote) is a local guy that I highly recommend – (Rachel Western – Feb-11)