General All-round Useful Information

Lock-up Garages

There are council garages for hire under Inglethorpe House in Geldeston Road just near the junction of Northwold road. They are very secure and £12 a week. Contact the Hackney homes housing office at Stamford Hill. Don’t let them bullshit you – there are plenty empty and they rent them to non-residents – they seem very lazy with these local resources. (Dave Donert, Oct-13)


Fire Logs

London Tree Surgeons 07876 489516 (Stuart) They bring seasoned logs that have been cut from managed trees in the London area. I’ve bought them for years and they are very good logs. (Alison Whyte, Sep 2016)


Bicycle Storage

A pilot cycle parking scheme has seen six new on-street cycle hangars dotted around Hackney. Each hangar has 6 bike spaces, which can be rented for £30/year, plus a one-off refundable key deposit of £25.

If you’d like to request a hangar in your street, write or ring 020 8356 4891, and get your neighbours to do the same.